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We at TransGlobe International have always been passionate about language and nature. It is the reason why we are dedicated to making communication more natural, accessible and easier. For us, language and nature together represent our most favorite translation industry – Agriculture.

By specializing in Agriculture localization we make your life easier and enable your business to speak the right language in any season and weather. From Crop science and Farm management to Horticulture and Forestry, you can be sure we have the right experts. And that’s not all. With the help of our linguistic teams we provide professional language services in all main industries, including Life Science, Medical, IT, Technical and Automotive.

Expert Agriculture Localization

Planting the seeds of natural communication.

Professional in all fields. Expert in yours.

TransGlobe International will make your life better and let you focus on growing your company while our language specialists transform your agribusiness content. Harvest the benefits of our comprehensive language services like:

  • Software localization to adapt your crop management and GIS software to any language for worldwide coverage.
  • Professional translation for your website, marketing materials, user documentation and other content.
  • Linguistic testing and bug fixing of localized software.
  • Any other services required for the completion of your agriculture localization project.

Expand your agribusiness globally by choosing us for your localization partner.

Why choose TransGlobe?

The right choice for localization

With long years of experience, tens of millions of words translated, hundreds of happy Clients, a full services portfolio and impeccable quality, we feel quite confident in the reasons to choose us. Here’s what you get by deciding to work with us:

  • A personal meeting on your needs of language services.
  • Individual approach and dedicated teams for each client.
  • Professional translations in any language.
  • Innovative localization technologies to save you time and money.
  • Complete integration of your software or website for full process optimization.
  • Confidentiality at your desired level.

Do you need more details or have additional questions? Get in touch with us and schedule your personal meeting right now!


Future-proof language services from TransGlobe

Our long-term experience has taught us the importance of technology for the language industry. In this fast-paced world the need to stay updated with all current and innovative technologies is bigger than ever.

At TransGlobe International we utilize the latest localization and translation technologies in order to provide you with cost-effective and consistent language solutions. And with cutting-edge terminology management and intelligent analysis we make sure that translating your content becomes easier, faster, cheaper and better with each project.

Reach your customers.

In any language.

TransGlobe International speaks your language

Being on the global market has its own challenges and demands, and language shouldn’t be one of them. More and more people use their mother tongue online and English is used by only about 25% of the internet users worldwide. So, if your company is going global, your content should be the first to follow.

Our carefully selected linguistic teams give us the freedom to undertake your localization project in ANY language and deliver according to the highest industry standards. We can help you adapt your products & services and reach your customers, giving you more time to focus on your business.

ISO-certified services

For your peace of mind.

Quality is part of the experience

We have always considered quality as the basic essence of all language services. It is the foundation on which all localization companies should stand. TransGlobe International is certified as per the industry-specific ISO 17100:2015 for translation services, and also as per ISO 9001:2015 for quality management.

This means you can rest assured that every aspect from the completion of your localization project will be strictly regulated and monitored for optimal quality. Our working procedures are centered around the latest localization quality technologies and practices, so you don’t have to worry if your translation will be good.

This is a given.

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