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We live in the Information Age, also known as the Digital or Computer Age. A time when Information Technology powers the world, and everything and everyone is connected 24/7/365. When anyone can go anywhere on Earth within just one day/night cycle, with the entire world’s information at their fingertips. Today, thanks to IT localization, a device created in a foreign country can speak to you in your mother tongue, and even understand your local dialect!

For all IT companies this connectivity meant that they could easily expand abroad and keep their business locations connected. And the success of a new IT business abroad is tightly connected to one thing – IT localization.

History of IT Localization

Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s the computer technologies started to shift from industrial to personal use. With the ongoing international market expansion of many software companies, this caused a growing need for localization. Mainly because companies had to meet any local standards, safety regulations and cultural norms before releasing their product on the market…

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