Translation: An Unavoidable Cost or a Wise Business Investment?

For companies aiming for growth, translating shouldn’t be an option – it should be a necessity. 72% of international consumers spend more time browsing in their language than in the language of their country of residence. This means companies are missing out on a key market both at home and abroad. Instead of thinking of translation as an unavoidable cost, consider it the wisest business investment you’ll make!

Get ahead of competitors

If you’re considering translation for your company, you’re already taking a step ahead of your competitors. Many companies are deterred at the thought of investing in translation services when many browsers offer webpage translation to customers. However, in failing to invest, these companies lose control of their content when it’s translated by a third-party. This can cause potential issues in comprehension and cultural context in localization. Such problems can potentially damage the company’s business and its reputation.

SEO benefits

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential not only for reaching more potential customers. It is also important for improving how your website appears in online searches conducted abroad. As mentioned above, when using online translation software such as Google Translate, meaning can be lost and your content’s intended message can be lost. This can cause your website to lose SEO value in the meantime. Since SEO keywords and phrases are determined by how people search for things online, they can vary by country. When using a translation service, they take into account your SEO strategy and take both keywords and regional speech patterns into consideration when translation your website’s content.

Low Cost

Contrary to popular belief, professional translation services are not as costly as people believe, and return-on-investment cannot be denied. Though it may be cheaper in the short-term to use online translation software, the input and expertise of professional language service providers such as TransGlobe International has proven invaluable to many clients.

Access to New Markets

A study conducted by CSA Research found that companies that adapted their websites for international audiences rather than relying on online translation software, were 1.5 times more likely to have higher revenue than those that did not. By making your business investment in translation services, you can increase your market share exponentially by reaching new customers across the globe.

Build Trust

When a company translates their information into the customers’ language, this does not go unnoticed. By becoming more accessible, your build trust with the customer and make them feel more comfortable and secure in doing business with you. This not only boosts customer loyalty, but also brand awareness as the customer feels they have been treated well. In today’s competitive business environment, the best way to unlock new markets and to grow customer bases along with maintaining your current clients, is by providing the customer with an experience that is fully tailored to their language and culture.

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