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Native Bulgarian Experts 

Founded and situated in Sofia, Bulgaria, we’ve been specializing in Bulgarian translation services from the very beginning. This has enabled us to build strong foundations for our localization processes as per the best industry practices and standards. “There are no barriers when it comes to language” is our slogan and we firmly believe it to be true. At TransGlobe International, we are specialists in high-quality native Bulgarian translation services that we supply to a range of clients around the globe.

As a leading Regional Language Service Provider of translation, localization and globalization solutions for the Balkan region, we are equipped to handle any task you may have – big or small. Our main focus are the Balkan and East-European languages, and we specialize in a number of key areas such as IT, Medical, Technical, Legal, Gaming and Automotive.

We use the most up-to-date software technologies in the industry, including the most widely-used CAT tools, quality assurance software, localization engineering programs, testing software and others, to ensure an optimal structure and consistency of our internal working processes.

Certified Quality

Working in Bulgaria gave us the opportunity to work closely with the Bulgarian Standardization Institute and work on current and future language standards. Consequently, we were the first Bulgarian LSP to get certified for the ISO17100 standard giving you the reassurance that you are working with the best in the business. Our rich portfolio and certified operating procedures give us the opportunity and confidence to enable a wide variety of businesses to enter global IT, E-Commerce and financial markets, whilst continually meeting the highest international translation quality standards.

Specialized Translation

With long years of experience, TransGlobe have worked within over 45 unique industries worldwide. Here are some of the key industries we specialize in:

A Need for Bulgarian Translation

Bulgarian (български) has an estimated 9 million native speakers and is quickly becoming a strong European market in industries such as Automotive and IT. As a result, demand for Bulgarian translation and native Bulgarian speakers is rising swiftly. With in-house and freelance teams in place, we handle projects of different scope, technical level and requirements and make the most of our team’s expertise and experience in the respective fields.

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