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Specialized Native Linguists

We at TransGlobe International have always felt as a part of something much bigger than just the country we do our business from. However, we’re well aware of the importance of native speakers for localization. It may sound basic, but translating into your mother tongue is the most fundamental quality requirement for a translator nowadays. This is the reason why we collaborate only with experienced native Serbian linguists in order to provide our clients around the world with high-quality translation services into Serbian.

Situated in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, our focus is on the Balkan languages and the main subject fields we specialize in are IT, Medical, Technical, Legal, Gaming and Automotive. With strong in-house and freelance teams and long-term experience as a Language Service Provider of translation, localization and globalization solutions, we handle tasks of various sizes and complexities on a daily basis. In order to ensure the optimal structure and work flow of our internal procedures, we use the most widely-used CAT tools, QA and testing software, and localization engineering platforms.

Certified Translation Services

With the development of contemporary localization practices and standards, the focus on quality, consistency and effectiveness in the localization industry has been getting stronger. Keeping in line with these standards and practices is of great benefit to all LSPs that need to optimize their workload with a stable framework of procedures. We are proud to be a member of the Bulgarian Standardization Institute and the first Bulgarian LSP to get certified as per ISO17100. The services we offer and our certified operating procedures allow us to guarantee that your content is meeting the highest international translation quality standards in all global markets.

Specialized Translation

With more than 14 years of experience in over 45 industries, here are some of the main areas we specialize in:

Serbian Translation

Serbian (Српски) has an estimated 8.5 million native speakers. The strongest sectors in the economy are energy, automotive industry, machinery, mining and agriculture. As a result, demand for Serbian translation and native Serbian speakers is rising swiftly in line with the local market. With in-house and freelance teams in place, we handle projects of different scope, technical level and requirements and make the most of our team’s expertise and experience in the respective fields.

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